Sunday Stash Report, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day.  Hope you have something set up for your Dad today.  Whether it be spending time with him or memories.  My brother Mike and his wife Barbara are spending the day with my Dad.  Of course he's never far from my thoughts.  My Dad is active in the American Legion in Abell, Maryland.  He retired from the Air Force after 31 years.  He spends his time golfing, dancing, mowing the lawn and puttering in the garage.  He's always doing something or taking a well deserved nap...  Love you Dad!

I've been spending lots of time finishing up projects that my Mom brought and bought during her two week visit with me.  Sadly she leaves on Tuesday; there's still lots to get done.  Here's a Project Linus completion of hers.  Today we'll finish up Part 2 of her Quiltmaker Mystery project.  She's on Unit 7 now.  I gave her a quick lesson on using the Tri-Recs Tools.  We'll get borders on another of her project, prepare binding for another, and finally set her black white and bright blocks on point with the yellow fabric purchased yesterday at Beverly's.  There will be pictures of all of these tomorrow.

I've not been good at all with using my stash lately.  Only thing I've been able to accomplish is adding to it!  This week I found two bolts at 50% off that would make a great constant in any quilt.  A cheddar and a red that I couldn't pass up.  I got two yards of each of them.

Used this week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 115.25 yards
Purchased this week: 4 yards
Purchased YTD: 65.75 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2011: 49.5 yards

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betty said...

Love the photo, hope DH is having a great day with son and Daughter in law (third daughter). I am truly having a blast with my daughter. Nice fabrics that she picked out and got a great deal on them.

Amy said...

It really is easy to add to the stash. But at 50% off, I'd say too good a deal to pass up.

Janet O. said...

All I can say is, what? Only two yards of each, at 50% off? : ) Well, I guess that isn't all I can say. At shop hop this past week one of the shops had quite a deal in their clearance corner. All the bolt fabric there is usually 30% off and 40% off if you empty the bolt. For shop hop they were taking off an additional 20%. Needless to say, I emptied a bolt!
My Dad and Mom (both in their 80s) will be arriving shortly for a nice dinner with the family--I made banana cake and pear pie for dessert--he is not a chocolate lover.

Kathie said...

Nice pictures, sounds like everyone was going to have a great day.

debbie said...

Blame the fabric purchases on your mom! Haha! You seem to do so well with the stash when she's in MD. Betty, hope to see you at the next meeting :o)

betty said...

Pic of your Daddy was A OK. He gave 30 years to the USAF [correction on 31]. All else is factual.