Design Wall Monday, January 4, 2021

Krooked Kreek Part 6 is nearly complete.  I got all the string units sewn and trimmed.  Carol Doak's Foundation Paper is still on the back of some units.  It needs to come off before adding the "wings" as Bonnie refers to the corner triangles in neutral for this unit.

Photo of Karla's Project

My next project is a UFO for 2021.  Crazy Hearts table runner by Karla Alexander.  Wow are the instructions a bit hard to follow.  I'll have to follow each step carefully on this one.  It doesn't look too complicated, but the instructions are =^.^=  This project once finished will be another for my parent's table.  Mom loves to put the "holiday" table runners out. 

Mom sent me another thoughtful gift.  This one will be added to my 2021 UFO list specifically the Christmas Ornaments UFO.  This one UFO item has lots of ornaments to be sewn.  Most of them are wool kits :)

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Betty said...

Glad that you are pleased with the ornament