Sunday Stash Report, August 4, 2019

Final decision made to use the red string border.  I agree that it does move the eyes to the blocks.  The Sawtooth Flutter block is really busy which needed to be kept in mind.  Bonnie Hunter might come up with something else when she gets her layout designed.
I used all the neutral sting sashing that remained from a 9" Neutral String Block swap from 2012.  The swap units have seen me through two projects and very well could get me through another.  I have this left.
From another swap that was designed to make Talking Turkey I used what reds were available to me.  I've got lots left to do something else.  I already have made Talking Turkey that I called Kranberries.

So now comes the difficult calculating part of how much my Sawtooth Flutter project took.  All from stash :).  I am still pondering a name for this project...

Used this week:  12 yards
Used YTD:  97 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  39.5 yards
Net used in 2019:  57.5 yards

Check out what I'm working on that's new tomorrow.  =^.^=


Betty said...

Turned out beautiful, think it was a good choice
Now for the name???

Janet O. said...

I agree--good choice on the border. Those blocks really stand out against the framework it provides.