Sunday Stash Report, August 18, 2019

This does look like a Design Wall Monday post, but it isn't!  I finished the last block today with merely threads left of the background fabric.  No I didn't have to sort through the trash 😊😊😊

Believe it up until now when I am about to figure out the borders Kalypso has been made from my stash.  I have plenty of the light blue used as my "spark"  I actually put more in it than planned.  Looks like I may need to move one of them to the bottom row so that they are scattered around a bit more.

The Bloc Loc rulers are put away for now unless I can find a suitable neutral that will play nice with background.  This is going to be tough.  A visit to Rosie's is in my future.

I may just finish off Kalypso with a light blue binding.  What do you think about this idea?  I sure would like to give the circle pattern a finishing touch on the outside edge.  Tomorrow I will be sewing the blocks together and next Stash Report I will claim Kalypso as a finish.

For now no change to my numbers.  I hope you are using your stash!

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  97 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  39.5 yards
Net used in 2019:  57.5 yards


Betty said...

Talked to you yesterday, about this lovely quilt. Oh so sweet. Being seeing you soon

Janet O. said...

Another stunner, Sandi! How many times have I said that on your blog. You make so many wonderful, complex quilts. I thing the blue for a binding would look great. Every now and then I bind in a light color. Sometimes it is just the right touch.