Design Wall Monday, August 5, 2019

Do you remember these?  These were the results of a class with Janna Thomas called Magic Mariner's Compass.  Janna is Ms. BlocLoc!  
Kerry and I love taking using these rulers and taking her classes.  We took Janna's class two years ago a Road to California.  I'm just now getting them out of "storage".  My version will be quite scrappy.  I have loads of the light and dark blues and the background.  
I'm having to dig deep in my stash for more fabrics that play along.  I have found some as you might be able to see from the last photo.  They are peeking out from the yardage at the top left.  There is more too that I'll share later this week as I move through the making of the project.  The two block patterns are Magic Mariners Compass 9" block and Polaris 9" block.  Both blocks use the TIS (Triangle in a Square) and KIS (Kite in a Square) rulers.  The KIS ruler was brand new at the time we took the class.

Stay with me and watch the progress unfold with Kalypso.


Nancy J said...

Those fabrics are wonderful in the blocks.

Betty said...

This will be another beauty. I have lots of blues, if you need more.?