Design Wall Monday, August 12, 2019

Well what do you think about Kalypso so far?
Here is a close up of the Polaris Block.  I'll be using a lot of variety, but the corners of this block make a secondary design that creates a circle around the Mariner's Compass Block.  Can you see it?
Here is a close up of the Mariner's Compass Block.

The design called Magic Mariner's Compass by Janna Thomas comes in two block sizes; 9" and 12".  It takes the KISS and TIS rulers of Bloc Loc.  The 9" quilt finishes at 59.5 square and the 12" quilt finishes at 74.5".  I am making the 9" blocks.  If you wish to pick up the pattern go to Janna at where she will be happy to get you the pattern (#2417) and rulers for the size appropriate for the block size you want to make.

It was great to see Kerry on Sunday.  I brought to her my purple stash to select for a project she plans to work on soon.  I thought I had more carmel stash but turns out not.  She was able to use several pieces.  I certainly will miss robbing each others stash...  Kerry has for quilting two of my recent projects Kreate and Kardinal.  I will look forward to quilts coming in the mail =^.^=

Have a wonderful week!

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Janet O. said...

Another stunning sight on your design wall. After all these years it shouldn't surprise me, but I am always a little breathless when I see another amazing project from you.