2017 At A Glance, December 31, 2017

This wasn't a particularly prospersous year in my sewing room.  Mind you there was a whole lot of sewing, just not as many finishes as usual.  Kosmo and Katastrophy arriving in early September had much to do with this as a single project, Kutarug, which still occupies my sewing room since that same time.  Throughout the year there were some finishes and many more starts that will become my next year's goal.
Dawn's Early Light
I have been keeping myself accountable for my fabric use and purchase through the year although Patchwork Times dropped the linkups on Sundays.  Since the last day of the year falls on the stash report day it will be included here.  As you can see I finished the year using 110.5 yards and purchased 64.75 yards.  My net used during the year is still on the positive side which is great to see.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD: 110.5 yards
Purchased this week:  7.75 yards
Purchased YTD:  64.75 yards
Net used in 2017:  45.75 yards

The year had me working on several projects new and dusted off.  I helped my mom finish off a couple of her very dusty projects as well.  I didn't purchase like in years past, using mostly scraps in these projects.  I don't understand why there never seems to be more room in my tote bins...
Micky's Quilt 
Tiffany's Quilt
Nothing outstanding in the names assigned to any project except perhaps Kakes in the Kribyard.  I know some will understand how the name came to pass.
Kakes in the Kribyard
Koncentric Konnection and Kourageous were dusted off projects that finished.  Both were entered along with a couple others to the San Diego Quilt Show.  These two went on to entries at Road to California with Kourageous being accepted into the show.
My 2017 UFO goals have yet to be met.  Kutarug is still under the needle and Konstitution along with Kontingency are in that queue as well.  I have set my 2018 UFO goals that you can see HERE.
Today has Quiltvillians at Part 7 of On Ringo Lake.  With help from blog friends a name has been identified for this teal, melon, brown, and neutral colored project, Kandiyohi (Kan e ohi).
Kandiyohi Part 2
So I ask like years before, which "K" name is your favorite this past year?  My parade of finishes in 2017 for your viewing pleasure.

Koncentric Konnection 2/17
Krosscheck 2/17
Konstant Konnection 2/17
Kolada 2/17
Kloggs 4/17
Kalvery 5/17
Kissin' Korner 2 6/17
Knikknakk 6/17
Kakes in the Kribyard 7/17
Kompass 8/17
Kourageous 9/17
Kapture 11/17
Kilimanjaro 12/17
Kountry Kollection 12/17
Karduus 12/17

I close this year with hour glass units being sewn and trimmed.  Another wonderful year of sewing.  Thanks for helping me discover "K" names for my projects.  There will be plenty more opportunities in 2018.  Happy New Year!


Nancy J said...

#1 for me has to be " Kompass" a link to my blog name, so special.I haven't tried to list any starts or finishes, but for me finishing the year healthy for both of us was a major win. I hope 2018 is kind to you, gives you what you need, and the two kitties give much happiness. XXX

Janet O. said...

I enlarged your photos to ge a better look at Kourageous--I have always loved that quilt. But I have to say that in the enlarged format, Kutarug took my breath away! That is going to be stunning!

Jennifer said...

It looks like a pretty good year to me - lots of finishes and you’re setting up for a big stash report when you get your current WIP done! I like Kolada and Knikknakk most from the names! Did you know that quiltpaintcreate has picked up the Sunday stash reporting? I link up with her now about once a month. Hope you have a great 2018!

Betty said...

Too hard to pick a special "K" quilt, they are all so beautiful. I showed Kourageous at my quilt guild and it sure got a lot of ohs and aws. Everyone was surprised to see the flowers were animal skin fabrics. One word for this quilt Awesome