Sunday Stash Report, January 17, 2016

I have been purchasing up a storm this past week.  What fun I've had!  The great times are just starting because this weekend brings Road to California Quilt Show where lots and lots of vendors will be enticing onlookers to buy, buy, buy!  Without further ado here is what came home with me this week...

These are purchases primarily for Kalvery also know as Freedom Rings.  I have the first month nearly sewn.

There are four more 4 1/2" blocks to sew before I can say Month 1 is done.  I purchased the pattern much later than the release so finding fabrics in the collection was a bit tough.  Reds, beiges, and a blue finish off what I was lacking.  The other two charm packs will be for projects I'll be making during the year.  This fabric was purchased at Fat Quarters in Vista, CA.  I do like this shop, but it is a bit far to get to unless I do so from work.

This pattern arrived from Keepsake Quilting.  It is one of my Christmas gifts from my DH.  It has directions for three different sizes.  I'm trying to decide if I want to make the large size a bit larger so that it will fit my king size bed.  If not I'll be making the throw.

Pam Buda was Sunshine Quilt Guilds speaker on Tuesday.  She had so many things I liked and couldn't pass up.  This purchase was for a kit and pattern that made three small projects.

Pam also had a nice fat quarters collection that will come in handy with lots of projects that I plan to do stitch over the year.  And last another pattern that will come from the scraps of current projects.  I like how the middle of each start is "stringy".

Today I am stitching.  I have lots of binding to put stitch down around quilts.  Kerry has given me four of them recently.  Two are charity quilts I helped my Mom finish.

Then there is Krystal Kreek and Komatose finished.  I did just get Komatose so first up is trimming down the extra batting/back.  I have the binding ready to put down only need to ready the sleeve.

If I can get through the binding and the last four blocks of Kalvery today, I have Kanton Kull (A Prairie Gathering) Chapter 1 ready to stitch.  It took quite a while to cut all the pieces for this block, but its going to be a beauty.

Kastaway waits for me!

Hope you have a great day today and the rest of this week.  I have a workshop for another new project on Friday at Road to California.  It is going to be a busy week...  Linking up with Patchwork Times.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  25 yards
Purchased this week:  13.75 yards
Purchased YTD:  13.75 yards
Net used in 2016: 11.25 yards


Jennifer said...

Lots going on in your studio! Love the pattern that your husband gave you - that would make a lovely bed quilt!

quiltpaintcreate said...

You can never go wrong with neutrals. Or reds, which in my world are also neutrals. You have some great projects there. Look forward to seeing them all sewn up.

Nancy J said...

Love those houses, and who is looking out the windows!!! And the eyelashes...WOW, You are going to be so busy with your new fabrics, what a great collection.

Janet O. said...

What a loaded post of eye candy!
You have some wonderful projects picked out and in the works.
I love Pam's designs and I still have a boatload of her patterns I picked up at a retreat with her a few years ago. That makes me recall that I have only finished one of the two projects we started at retreat. I should probably do something about that. : )
Always inspired by your posts, Sandi!