Sunday Stash Report, January 10, 2016

Today marks 29 years of marriage for my sister and brother-in-law.  (I'm in the red with the maid of honor privilege, holding up the bride's gown.)  Happy Anniversary to you both!

Kontentment finished this past week.  I am so excited that not one piece of fabric was purchased to put this project together...not even the back!  This beauty is staying with me.  Excited to finish it up with a scalloped border once the quilting is done.  Quiltville once again creates an awesome design.

Today I will be working on Kastaway.  This will be my first experience with invisible thread on my new machine.  I have my fingers crossed that all works well.

What a great start to 2016!  Hope you have time to visit other quilters using their stash at the links on Patchwork Times.

Used this week:  25 yards
Used YTD:  25 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  0 yards
Net used in 2016: 25 yards


Betty said...

Great blog, you certainly have some great photos saved. Please post Karen's and Scott's picture on Facebook, it really is a super photo. Love Kontentment, so very nice and with a scalloped border it will be a knock out. Hope Kerry has a little time to finish it up. It is diffentely a keeper Kastaway is awesome, can't wait to see the finished project. love you

Jennifer said...

Kontentment looks great and what a good way to start of the stash report for the year!

Charlene S said...

I am in awe of you! Your quilts are always fantastic.

Nancy J said...

Beautiful wedding photo, it looks cold there!! Your red gown is superb. And the borders, wow, they finish it perfectly. Invisible thread, is this top or bottom or both? If I use it at the bottom. I don't fill the bobbin completely, and thread the invisible through the tiny hole in the bobbin holder part. That gives it just that tiny bit more tension. Grey is my favourite, hardly shows on any fabric colour. I like it better than the clear. Have fun stitching. ( sorry, this is a small essay rather than a quick comment!!!)

The Joyful Quilter said...

Your Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt top turned out beautifully!!

Janet O. said...

Sandi, it almost looks like you are holding on to your sister's dress to keep her from leaving! *LOL* Love the step back in time. Aren't you cute!
Kontentment is stunning. I'd keep it, too, if it was mine to keep. Wise choice. : )
Are you going to mark the scallop on the border before you send it for quilting? Just wondering how that works.
I'm curious how the invisible thread worked. I've only used it once.

Jackie said...

Kontentment is gorgeous! I can see why you're keeping it.

Great wedding photo!

Sooli said...

Lovely finish, glad you get to keep it! Love to see the scalloped edge when you're done.