Saturday, January 9, 2016

I had an oops that fortunately I discovered before quilting :)!  I had a unit turned the wrong way.  Did you happen to notice it from the photo in my Monday post?  I am so very happy to have it found and fixed.  Today I'm putting on the borders.  There are two.  The first is a 1 1/2" yellow and the second is a 5" black.  Once the project is quilted the black border gets scallop shaped.  I have done this once before on Kushona.  It may appear challenging, but it really is pretty easy.  I plan to have it ready to add to Kerry's Quilting queue on Tuesday...  Let's just say that I am content with Kontentment =^.^=

Squares within Squares 2
For Tuesday's Sunshine Quilt Guild monthly meeting my BOM is done.  We were provided the center square.  The instructions directed adding a small scale matching print and a white-on-white.  Not sure stripes meets the criteria, but the fabric matched very nicely.

These two Frixion pens came as a surprise in my mailbox yesterday.  I had been speaking with my Mom about them recently.  I have never used them, but heard good things from others who had.  Thanks Mom, I will have a chance to see what I think of them.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing Kontentment with borders...


Janet O. said...

This is a real winning mystery quilt! I hope you are more than content with it. I hope you are thrilled! : )
Having never made a scalloped border, it appears challenging. You know, I even took a class years ago on how to do them, but I never finished the project and I have still never tried.
I have also never have tried the Frixion pens. I will be interested in your assessment after giving them a try.

Nancy J said...

I looked again, but didn't see which one was wrong. This is going to be so good, is it a keeper for yourself? Frixion pen, are they the eraser ones? Look great, what a lovely surprise in the mail.