Design Wall Monday, January 11, 2016

I stitched on Kastaway most of the day.  Had a few breaks to give my neck and shoulders a break.  As much as I tried to keep relaxed while machine appliqueing it just wouldn't happen.  I used a gray invisible thread for the blanket stitching on the pieces.  I have the cat all done except for her eyes, tail, and bow.  I have also added the final pieces, the stars, to the project.  I am just about out of thread so a stop until more can be purchased.  I am using a tearaway stabilizer.  I am very pleased with the way my Pfaff is working with the invisible thread.

Just now beginning two of the three projects where a section will be done each month.  These are the projects I hope to work on at the same time as Kerry.

Kalvery month 1 is two 12" blocks and six 4" blocks.  I am short on red reproduction fabrics.  We didn't purchase the entire kit so a run to Fat Quarters in Vista is in the schedule for my lunch break.  I will be cutting out the second block later tonight.  The design is called Freedom Rings by Red Crinoline Quilts.

Kanton Kull is the second project.  This project was purchased as a kit.  I haven't started cutting yet, but all is set to begin.  This project is A Prairie Gathering by Pam Buda.  Speaking of Pam Buda...she is the speaker at tomorrow's Sunshine Quilt Guild.  I do like her work and wished it were possible to attend the Wednesday workshop she will lead.  Work just gets in the way right now =^.^=.

Later this week I'll be sharing Konstitution.  I have a kit for this one too!  It is Union Blues by Etter Chelair.  Hopefully I can figure out some way to break this design down into monthly segments.  More on project three later this week.

Take time today to see what's going on with other quilters through the links at Patchwork Times.


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

You have some great fabric selections

Betty said...

You have some great quilts in line to get done, one is just as pretty as the other. Kastaway is coming along just fine. you are not on a time schedule just work on it when you can. It too shall be a great one.

Jennifer said...

Look forward to seeing your new kits come together!