Design Wall Monday, June 15, 2015

I have selected the fabrics I will use for my June UFO project.  My version will finish a bit smaller.  I want to use fabrics that I have on hand.  If I had more of that light purple...  Based on how far it gets me will be the size that it will finish.  Janet O has given me some great suggestions on a name for my Pinwheel Pizzazz by Lenna Spanner.  Hard choice now on Kitty-Korner, Kontinuity, Krosswise, or Krossways.  I am leaning towards Krossways.
In the meantime I am making progress on Kamikaze (another 2015 UFO on my list).  If you saw my post yesterday it doesn't look too different, but it is!  I have all 36 blocks sewn together now.  Next will be the sewing into rows.
I can share now my Sunshine Quilt Guild 2014 Clue Challenge project.  Can you figure out what three clues I had to work with?  A person...a room...a weapon.  Of course it was easy to name this quilt, Klue!

I hope your week is special.  See other awesome projects through the links at Patchwork Times.


Rebecca Grace said...

Your Pinwheel Pizazz quilt is going to be breathtaking, and I love, LOVE your Klue project. There is something adorably sinister about appliqueing blood spots on the shoe and on the floor.

Janet O. said...

A gorgeous selection of fabrics for your next project! I used to have some of that light purple. Too bad I have used it all.
Kamikaze is always a treat to behold.
You did a great job on Klue. Very clever--and bloody! *LOL*

Julie said...

My goodness! You are knee deep in heavy projects. All look fun, but very different. I like having the option of doing different kinds of work even though it's all quilting, don't you?
Remember if it doesn't get done this quarter you can always roll it over to the next. I'll be doing that myself come July 1.


QuiltSwissy said...

thanks for stopping by my quilts and dogs blog. I love the idea of both black and neutral design wall backgrounds........glen