Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Here is Kwitcherbitchin all finished.  The green HSTs with the gray/neutral and black/brown string blocks looks terrific!  Thanks Mom for you oops on the gray/neutral string blocks!  This Bonnie Hunter design Pfefferneuse from her String Fling book is a keeper...  You did hear that Bonnie has another book coming out early next year?  Wonder what wonderful designs she'll give us next.

On to my June 2013 UFO Kloudburst.  Oh I'm still working on appliqueing the centers on the nine compasses of Koriander Kompass.  More on both of these projects as the week progresses.  PJ Thursday can't come quick enough! 


Janet O. said...

Wonderful movement to this quilt! I am not a string piecer and I am always overwhelmed by quilts that contain a lot of it. Great job!

Betty said...

I sure do like KYB quilt,a very stricking pattern.