Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kloudburst, #9 June 2013 UFO

Did you see the Thirteen in '13 UFO Parade Aunt Marti has on her blog  There were a bunch of us who finished May's challenge.  Next number selected is #9 that for me is Kloudburst.  I have my project all cut out and ready for assembly.  Sure makes the going quicker to have that time consuming step out of the way.  Actually the biggest step for me is the selection of fabrics from my stash...making them work AND having enough fabric on what you finally choose.  I am positive all of you scrap quilters understand this all to well =^.^=  For more information on my Kloudburst project you can check here.

Koriander Kompass, 2011 UFO

I appreciate all the suggestions you have come up with regarding the placement of blocks to make the colors work together better.  I have moved the darks to the corners and kept the bright pink in the center.  I sewed at least another hundred 2" HSTs yesterday and used Kerry's protractor to mark and cut the freezer paper compass center template.  I assembled only a few border units before bedtime.  I figure I have the weekend yet to work on Koriander Kompass.  I'm just so close now don't want to pack it up quite yet...

Kerry finished the quilting of my Kwitcherbitchin quilt yesterday.  I will be anxious to get it trimmed up, sleeve prepared, binding prepared, sewed on, hand sewed down, and label in place.  Kwitcherbitchin is a black, gray, neutral, and bright green Bonnie Hunter design called Pfefferneuse.  (Pattern is in her String Fling book.)  I have two guild meetings just two weeks away where I will be anxious to show her off.  For you lucky followers though there won't be two weeks to wait!

Have a great Saturday, hope there is something fun planned for your day.

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Janet O. said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Sandi, you sure have a nose for beautiful patterns, and the ability to bring them together in record time--and well done!
The blocks look very well balanced. Another amazing job!