Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kloudburst is coming along nicely.  I completed the blocks and layout Thursday night and started Friday sewing the rows together.  After swimming around in my stash looking for enough violet reds for a simple 1 1/2" inner border that you'd think I could became obvious a trip to a LQS was necessary.  I went to Beverly's where 1/2 yard was purchased.  It reads solid which seemed appropriate since it will be sitting next to the dark navy/gold plaid of the setting blocks and the various gold strips in the piano key outer border.

Thursday night also got me through the sashing of ice cream quilt #1.  Still need to dive into my stash for an outer border.  I'm pretty certain I'll have something that will work for the 3 1/2" wide strips needed.  This quilt isn't quite as specific as Kloudburst need to be.  Of course there is still fuel in the tank...=^.^=!  I worked on Kloudburst's piano key borders Friday.  I have what I need for three sides done now.  I have some strip cutting to do before the fourth side can be put together.

Friday brought me three more swappers HSTs.  Including today nine days until they are due.  I have just over half of them already lining my guest bathroom's tub (hey it's a great place to store things...heehee).  These HSTs are from Theresa, Cathy, and Joan S.  Theresa...this one on the top is definitely one I'll keep...  Everyone will be pleased with the "building block" swap blocks.  I'll be anxious to hear what projects will be made with your swap.

Until tomorrow, happy a wonderful day!

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Janet O. said...

Kloudburst is beautiful--I expect nothing less when I come to your blog. Always filled with wonderful projects.
That is some ice cream quilt--would you call that bubble gum or Superman ice cream? Those are two flavors that I know of locally that are very colorful! : )