Design Wall Monday, June 17, 2013

Except for the label Khambray is done.  I sure love this design by Cathy Wierzbicki from her Geometric Gems book called Pineapple Nine Patch.  Diamond Dust another design in her book intrigues me too...  Khambray is all from stash and was a 2013 UFO from earlier this year.  The quilting is awesome; not that I'd ever expect less from Kerry

Thanks Bets on pointing out my OOPS! on Kloudburst.  I hope that I would have caught it when I was pressing, but you sure helped out a bunch with your comment.  That top right gold/background HST is definitely rotated wrong.  Points to the center a must!!!
Nothing on my design wall today.  Projects finished that were there. It's on to cutting the next project.  There are two I'll be working on Kaskade (yet another 2011 UFO to complete) and ice cream quilt #2 for the Moore, OK kids.  Have you been involved with the Ice Cream Social for the 1st/2nd graders?  For more information on this worthy cause leave a comment and I'll provide details.
Ice Cream quilt #2
Canyon Quilt Guild meets tonight.  I'll be back in my sewing room Tuesday night.  Have fun creating this week!  


bets said...

You're welcome. I would have wanted it mentioned, if it were me. :) It's quite lovely, and I'm looking forward to seeing what's next!

Teresa in Music City said...

Another beautiful finish!

Quilt Monkey said...

Khambray is beautiful! I'll have to check out that book. I love how you put colors together. Just wonderful.

Janet O. said...

Every one of your finishes is always a beauty, and this is no exception.

Betty said...

Great job, Khambray is another lovely quilt. You are going to have to rent another room to store all your beautiful quilts. You pop them out so fast, Is there any of your readers keeping up with you?

Betty said...
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Gari in AL said...

Don't you just love it when the wall is empty because you have been so busy getting things done? All of your projects look so good I couldn't pick just one to compliment.