Thursday, June 27, 2013

 Here is where I start this morning on Kaskade.  This is as far as I can go without more background.  Bonnie's fabric just wasn't quite right...  I stopped by Bits and Pieces in Poway on my way home yesterday and did pick up a FQ that works.  It really isn't what I wanted but the color worked.  If going to a couple other LQS between later today and tomorrow don't have what I need I'll be back to Bits and Pieces.
 This is the project I'll work on today (PJ Day =^.^=).  I've already made this, but now I'll make up Kerry's project which she has been delayed on for other projects.  My hope is to give it to her tomorrow.  It is all cut and ready to assemble.  A small project that I'm pretty comfortable I can finish.
The last swapper's HSTs arrived just now.  Looking for dividing them all out and shipping them off this weekend.  Any of you participating swappers looking for a HST project to work on during the Independence Holiday?  They'll be ready for you.

On to sewing...


Janet O. said...

If the background fabric isn't exact it will look okay if it is mixed in randomly. But I am still willing to check my stash if you want to send me a close-up.
Love that little patriotic project! : )

Betty said...

I hope your PJ day was good? Also I hope you find the background fabric you need. I know that you got that patriotic project finished, you are a speedy person.