Design Wall Monday, October 3, 2011

Here's Kit Kat Mama.  I will be attending a class at Country Loft in La Mesa on Friday to make my own.  I have found some cute names for my cats.  Korabell is Mama and Kitty, Krissy, and Karl are her kittens.  There will be more posts about this project as I bring my supplies together and take the class.
This past Thursday was the last workshop to make this project, Crazy Cats.  I'll be calling my project, Katnip Krazy.  Earlier posts will give you more information if you are interested in making one of your own.  The quilt pictured adds a real cute mouse design into the border.  The idea comes from Julanne who taught the class.  My project is coming along nicely.  I have all the cats done and four of the 12 flowers.  I have a purple for the border and will use scraps from the project for the mice.  I will probably remake one of the flowers as I like the way the one two in on the top row has a background that matches the border.  Wasn't aware of the border when I selected the original flower fabrics.  No biggy, I'll just put the extra flower on the back as part of the label. 

Thanks Julanne for a great workshop.  I will certainly be taking more from Julanne with these Buggy Barn designs.

Kolonial has had no progress.  I really want to be working on this project.  I've had some exciting news recently and having this project done would be great.

I'm at assembling the components into the main block designs.  I have just had too many things going on with more demanding due dates.

Mom is helping me use stash too!   Thank you Mom.  This is one of her charity tops.  It is a strip block design and I am providing from my stash the back.  I have lots of novelty fabrics in colors that work with the top to be used.

What took most of my time the last couple of days was finishing the September UFO with Patchwork Times.  It is the last block on the row by itself, the pansy, soon to be followed by October UFO, meadow buttercup.  These blocks are my Kourageous project.  I'm telling you now I will not wait until the last minute again. 

The meadow buttercup isn't nearly as complex as others have been with just 18 Sections and a total of 89 pieces.  I will be selecting black and white fabric this time as there aren't enough of these colors in the mix.  There are only two more flowers to be chosen to finish off what I plan to use for Kourageous.  Among the possibilities are magnolias, a heartsease, a thistle, a calla lily, and several others.
Do you think I have enough going on yet?  Patches and Pinwheels a Bonnie Hunter design is a 2011 UFO also.  My project is called Komplikated.  I'm way behind on finishing these.  I've got three Judy Niemeyer projects still to go plus more if I get through my list to do in 2011.
Well I think I've covered just about everything that's active in my sewing room.  I'm working to get through each and every one.  Wish I had a few days...perhaps a sit and sew.  Hey where and when is the next Quilting Retreat?  Look for other wonderful project from the group of quilters that are participating this week on Patchwork Times.


Kathie said...

Wow you are a busy person. Seems like tne theme of the month is CATS!!! All so cute and love what I can see of Betty's string quilt. I have made a few of those and they are so fun to do.

Bonnie said...

Everytime you show your cats I think about getting out my book from them and make one of their quilts. Maybe one day I actually will do it! I think I have a book with a chicken pattern... that might look good in my kitchen nook. Thanks for the inspiration.

Denise :) said...

Love the cats -- what a wonderful grouping of photos you've posted today. I just love them! I'll have to look back and get more info on the making of these blocks. Have a great week!! :)

betty said...

Oh! such nice work, wow! you sure do stay busy. If all my "going to's "would turn in to "dids", I would be able to keep up with you.

Gari said...

You put my multiple projects to shame. And all of your current projects are terrific.