Sunday Stash Report, October 23, 2011

YIPPEE!  Today's Stash Report has YARDS USED!  [Although I did find a Quilter's Yard Sale that added just a bit...:(!  I'm getting ready for Bonnie Hunter's Yearly Mystery don't ya know?  Need three strong colors and I'm positive a neutral.  I'm thinking dark browns, light browns and perhaps a green and ???  Got any suggestions on a third?]

I have Kolonial done and at Kerry's for quilting.  Can't wait to get it next weekend if all goes to plan.  Kolonial will get a variegated pink thread and the back is 10.5" squares...all fabrics from my stash!  How wonderful is that?  Pictures are of the top on the floor so they aren't the best.  I'm so pleased with the results. 

I have Kondor's Klutch back from Kerry.  I'll be using the dark blues that were used for the back (10.5" squares) as binding.  I think it will look real nice against the cheddar orange triangles that finish the edges of Kondor's Klutch border.  There will be pictures of Kondor's Klutch just as soon as the binding is on.

I made it over 100 yards used this year so far.  I've got plans for several other completions using only stash...looks good for getting the Net Used in 2011 somewhere around 150 yards...  Wish me luck!  So this week here's my report:

Used this week: 16.75 yards
Used YTD: 214.5 yards
Purchased this week: 4 yards
Purchased YTD: 108 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2011: 106.5 yards

Check out other quilters using their stash at Patchwork Times.  Happy Sewing!


Janet O. said...

Beautiful quilt! What a lot of work with all of those pieces--most of Bonnie's quilts are usually quite labor intensive, but so great to look at!
Congrats on all you have accomplished (and all the fabric used)!

JCnNC said...

Kolonial is very stunning - what a treasure you have created. Will you include Bonnie's quilt title, Jamestown Landing, on your label? Just wondering how you handle that. I did Bonnie's My Blue Heaven but called it My Sunny Blue Heaven on the label and when Bonnie signed my label at a class she asked me to include her quilt name also. Judy C

Marj said...

I would suggest adding gold or cheddar to your green/brown/cream mystery pallet for a spark of color. Best wishes for reaching your goal of using up stash by the end of the year. You are doing a good job so far.

betty said...

The quilt is awesome, love the colors. So many quilts, ask around for a great place to sell some of them. It certainly would make someone proud to own one of your quilts?

SpinningStar said...

Great numbers - congrats on passing the 100 yard mark.

Kate said...

Congrats on passing the 100 yards out mark. Very pretty quilt. Good luck with meeting your 150 yard goal out.

Kathie said...

Great report and beautiful, congrats on the over 100 yards.