Saturday, October 8, 2011

I spent the day on Friday, my birthday gift to myself...making Korabell and her three kitties Krissy, Kitty, and Karl.  Probably hard to tell but I did make lots of progress.  I have all the cats cut out.  Korabell has her head, one arm, and two legs stuffed.  Kitty is stuffed too!  With the help of my classmates I have all the fabrics to make each of the pieces of clothing they'll wear, the cotton Pearle threads to put things together and rusty wire for their whiskers.  The hardest part was finding the right pink for the cats noses and the right tummy and paw fabric.  Thanks to Maureen and JoAnn's stash!  The fabrics behind the cats are the clothes they'll be wearing.  The tan wool at the lower left is for the tummies and paws.  JoAnn is a great teacher.  If you are in the area or just visiting and want to take a doll making workshop check at the Country Loft.

So let me share with you pictures of what was going on during our workshop.  The workshop was scheduled to make the cute fairy doll most were working on.  Clara and I worked on a different pattern.  Clara is making a much smaller doll that has a male companion; both will be dressed in Halloween attire.



Linda and Mary



This is Kit Kat Mama with her kitties.  When I get done Korabell and her kitties will hopefully be just as cute as she is!

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