Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Karen!

My birthday wish come true when I was 9 years young.  Back then I had two little brothers and when Mom told us our family would grow to one more baby brother or sister I wished for a baby sister when I blew out my candles.  Two days later my birthday wish came true.  Karen is married with two children and two cats.  She's just the best sister I will ever have.  I miss seeing her, but we are always just a phone call away.  This picture was taken the last time we were together when I was blowing out birthday candles at Seaport Village in San Diego.  I'll be giving her a call shortly to wish her the best today as I do everyday.

Let me share the Temecula Quilt Company's Red and White Quilt Show.  This event goes on the month of October.  This day was the Grand Opening and official start of the show.  I don't know who all the makers are nor do I know pattern names (except for mine and one other).  The shop is small, but the display throughout was done with such style.  When you enter the shop you are taken back...very impressive just as those folks in New York were with the recent Red and White Show at the Park Avenue Armory.  If you get the chance check out the show.

Krimson Khat at the bottom right position is a very large quilt.  Displaying large quilts was difficult for the shop. 

Bonnie and Mattie met me at the show that is just around the corner from her home.  Isn't Mattie her grandchild the cutest?

Hope you enjoyed the show!  I'm off to my Kit Kat Mama Workshop!  I'll have updates so check back soon.  Happy Quilting!


regan said...

Oh boy! Thanks for that awesome quilt show! Those red and whites are so beautiful....I'm still in love with the R&W's since I went to NY in March. Still can't get them out of my head!

betty said...

What a great post for your sister, I hope she takes the time to read it. Brings tears to my eyes. The Red & White quilts are beautiful and very well done. It is a shame more quilt stores don't follow the nice idea.

JCnNC said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures -was a more personal show. I have just never met a red and white quilt that wasn't stunning. Judy C

Kathie said...

I normally don't like 2 color quilts but these are beautiful, thanks for sharing.

I got to meet your sister last year when she was helping your mom with the craft show, nice lady.

merrily row said...

and sister's birthday is just two days after yours? Happy BD to you both.