Design Wall Monday, October 10, 2011

Here's my October UFO with Patchwork Times.  The Meadow Buttercup design in her Series "Big Quilt of Nature - Wildflowers" by Claudia Hasenbach.  This will be my fourth flower by Claudia that has made its way into my Kourageous project. 
I have selected these fabrics.  It will take four greens, three "animal", and the background fabric.  There are 89 pieces that make up 18 sections.   After the pansy block last month...a walk in the park!  These itty bitty paper pieced projects need to be done with my work horse Pfaff machine.  I asked several friends that have been keeping up with the designing of Kourageous and everyone decided the dark brown in the middle was the best dark to use.  It holds up well against the background and compliments the browns in both of the other "animal" fabrics.  I had thought I'd make the October block with black and white fabrics, but changed my mind deciding to bring out the colors of the Flax flower block that I put together in July.

Besides working on my October UFO...Kolonial will hit the floor and then make its way to the sewing machine "in rows" this week.  I've got another four day work week with only one evening unavailable to sew.  All looks good for having Kolonial ready for quilting this weekend.
Tuesday night is Sunshine Quilt Guild where our lecture guest will be by Bette Runnels.  I've made a quilt of Bette's design a few years back.  A Hawaiian design from her Kapa Hawai'i pattern.  I'll be bring this project that night for sharing.

Friday I'll be at the Ramona Quilt Show where Komfort Kove will be on display.  This will be the first time I've shown a quilt at this event.  If you are in the area and have time the show goes Friday and Saturday.  It isn't a huge show, but the quilts are real nice mostly from members of the Ramona Quilt Guild.  There are a few local crafters who vend along with a bake shop.  If you happen to be there make sure you say hello.  I'll be wearing a polo shirt with my kwiltnkats logo embroidered on the left shoulder.

Hope your week is full with needle and thread.


betty said...

I like your fabric choices for your Kourageous quilt. This will certainly be an orginial quilt, and it will be beautiful when completed. Hope you get many visitors at the Ramona quilt show.

Kathie said...

Had a great time sewing with your mom yesterday.

JCnNC said...

Love your fabric choices and will look forward to the finish. Judy C

ANudge said...

What a nice quilt show you had in your post. I really like your paper pieced poppy.

Janet O. said...

I didn't realize your Kourageous project was not just one pattern with all of these flowers in it. So you are taking the flower patterns from different sources to make this quilt, is that right? I have loved every one so far--I'm sure this will be no different.
Kowabunga and Komfort Kove are both beautiful quilts. You do well with your color blends.

Denise :) said...

Pretty yellows in your flower. And I love your Kowabunga quilt! :)

Chris said...

Great work on the paper piecing. It is sometimes so difficult to get those little pieces perfect :)

QuiltSwissy said...

I love paper piecing. I like the greens and browns you chose as well. Something I don't try often, but I might just have to.