Sunday Stash Report, October 2, 2011

Awhile ago I participated for a second time in a 6" block swap.  During the week I got two blocks.  Bringing my total to a total of four.  Not sure this is well received seems like I remember the exchange should have brought me enough to make a lap quilt...  Oh well, I played along but please don't involve me again...thank you!
I did make some purchases this week and unfortunately I still have not been able to finish Kolonial

Three of the fabrics are just because; shall we say stash enhancers?  I picked up the three one yard pieces on the top right from Quilter's Coop in Temecula while walking the streets during the Temecula Outdoor Quilt Show.  What a nice shop they have on Old Town Front Street.  While there I was enticed to pick up a kit for my Mom that makes a Christmas Tree Pin and a pattern for a small 17" x 22" quilt project called Little School Girl by Lori Smith.

The bottom right are fabrics that do have a need for my Kit Kat Mama doll.  I purchased these two half yard pieces from the Temecula Quilt Co on Temecula Parkway.  I was there to attend their Grand Opening.  They have a Red and White Quilt Show going on during the month of October.  This is the show that my Krimson Khat is being displayed.  I have photos to share of this event another time.  Back to the need for the fabric...the class is coming on Friday at Country Loft.  They will be for Korabell the Mama cat.  She has a bibbed skirt and pantaloons.  I've got more to pull from my stash to dress the three doll kitties; Kitty, Krissy, and Karl.  I will have a post about this project a bit later this week.  I also picked up a pattern book for several of the small Red and White quilts that were part of the show.  None of the patterns needs more than half a yard of a light and a dark.  The largest pattern is no bigger than 18" x 24".  I'm rather partial to the Tree of Life design that makes up 11" x 13".

The top left fabric, 1-1/4 yards, is the borders for Katnip Krazy.  The final class was this past Thursday at Amidon's with Julanne.  I didn't have the yardage requirements or the instructions for the mice border until then.  This purple batik had just the right things going on.  The border is adorable with mice running about.  I will be using pieces left from the cats and flowers for the mice.  A later post with more about this project is coming as well.

So my used stays unchanged and my purchased accumulates to 104 yards.

Used this week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 192.50 yards
Purchased this week: 5.25 yards
Purchased YTD: 104 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2011: 88.5 yards

Och!  My Purchased YTD has exceeded my Net Fabric Used in 2011!  I best get something done.  Hope you did better than me this week.  Check out others progress at Patchwork Times.


Kathie said...

To bad the exchange didn't go over better.

Charlene S said...

I know how you feel about exchanges. Sometimes people just don't follow through on their promises. But sometimes they do more just remember that. Don't give up on exchanges.