Wednesday, August 9, 2017

More stuff arrived today for my two new kitties.  A very heavy box was left at the door which needs assembly.  
It is the cat tower.  I wanted to see how the base would fit the area where it is planned to be located.  The color works okay too.  I'll be sharing after DH does the work.
I was told Royal Canin is one of the two foods Lynn has been feeding them.  This is not a brand that I could find a my go to grocery store.  But of course Amazon has it!
These id tags also arrived.  They look to be a different color, but they are identical except for the engraved names.  I put them on their harnesses last night.  They are way to small for collars and will be for sometime.  I only used the harnesses when going to the veterinary, which is still the case for Kosmo and Kassy.  

Dishes are done for the evening.  Kompass is calling me in the sewing room.  I have two sides yet to bind, a sleeve to stitch in place, and a label to be made.  Planing on sitting in my chair moving the hassock close...turning into the Princess Dianna special tonight and getting Kompass done.


Janet O. said...

Those will be the most well cared for kitties around! You are not missing a single detail, it appears. Cute name tags. :)
Hope you reach your goal tonight!

Betty said...

The Kitties look like they have really grown. You are certainly ready for Kosmo and Kissy, they will really have a great home to grow up in.

Lynette said...

Gosh, those kittens sure are gorgeous - so sleek! You're inspiring me to get to work on stitching down the binding of a quilt that's been waiting over two weeks for me to get to it. . . A sore back and the rainy afternoon we have now seems just the right time to pop a movie in and get started on that. Enjoy your little sweethearts!~

Jennifer said...

Such cute kitties - I bet they will enjoy your sewing room too! Hopefully without causing too much chaos!