Sunday Stash Report, August 6, 2017

We are getting ready for kitties at our home.  Toys came first and now there are beds.  These were purchased from Amazon.  They have a removable pad and vinyl bottoms for cleaning should there be a need.  They will of course be beds they can use as they grow.  I'll bet for a little while they will only be using one bed together.

This is a different type of potty than what Kaos and Komotion had available to them.  When they were young I had a dome type of cover.  Kittens can sometimes be quite aggressive in covering.  This one has sides that extend upwards instead.  Anxious to see how it works out for Kosmo and Katastrophy.

I traveled on Saturday to meet everyone.  Lynn was nice enough to let me spend two hours with the kittens (there is a third one behind the door).  I'd forgotten how little they are at this age.  Lots of energy!  The toy they are playing with is one that I brought up with me.  They didn't have anything like it and was it fun for them.  Even Velvet (their mom) enjoyed playing with it.

We will be kitty proofing the house in the next few weeks.  Our second level has some open banisters that need to be covered.  We have experience with Kaos and Komotion that took a leap into the family room from there.  We thought we had this area proofed with Komotion, but as soon as the proofing was removed another flyer from the second level with him.  Going to be trying something different this time and keep it up longer too!

As for quilting you may ask...I have been trimming HSTs for Kutarug.  There will likely be somewhere around a thousand in this project.  I primarily decided to take the project on because of all bonus triangles I have been accumulating from previous projects.  Kountry Kollection only needed sashing to finish; so I've snuck it over the week too.  Nothing to change my fabric stash counts this week, but I'm looking forward to the report next week with changes!

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD: 92 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  30 yards
Net used in 2017:  62 yards


Betty said...

Neat looking beds, haven't seen any like this before. I have only seen the round ones, that you made for Kaos and Koko, hope they like them.
Their pottys are also different, looks like these will save the mess of sand from the floor.
What did you decide on the coverage of the open area over the family room?
A thousand HSTs, you got to be kidding. That is a lot of cutting and sewing. Kutarug contains a lot of small pieces. Another beauty coming up.

Janet O. said...

We only had a kitten briefly when my kids were young before we discovered my younger daughter was deathly allergic. We never had a chance to do this much kitty-proofing.
I grew up with cats, but I didn't worry about any of that stuff back then. I just played with them and let the grownups worry about the hard things. :)
Wow--you have to think of everything!
Love the look of those beds.
I can just imagine the action with that toy! Looks like fun.