Design Wall Monday, July 31, 2017

Tom Hams Lighthouse

I have been busy with family this weekend.  Don and Rita (DH's Brother and Finance) came down from Riverside on Saturday and left on Sunday.  We had a great time with Happy Hour at Tom Hams Lighthouse the afternoon of their arrival and dinner at a fabulous Italian restaurant de'Medici on 5th Avenue in the Gas Lamp District afterward.  Lots of catching up conversation ensued over their visit.  Sunday had us for brunch at Jimmy's Famous American Tavern.  First experience of Chicken and Waffles!  The weather couldn't have been better.

This meant very little sewing to show you today.  Friday was my day off and Kerry's so lunch at Daphne's in Santee then to her home for figuring out what threads and quilting designs for five different projects that were put in her queue.  We also spent much time deciding what quilting designs would work best for Kourageous.  You may remember this project.  I think we landed on four of them to get the quilting going.  This is the last quilt I entered in the San Diego Quilt Show that will need to be finished before quilt call the last week in September.  I also came home with Kompass ready for binding.  I will need to find something that works; hoping for the dark blue that you see in the middle circle.  Promise I will share the entire project once bound.

I have been pulling fabrics for the sashing of Kountry Kollection.  I have several of the original fabrics to use and because it is so scrappy there are many other to consider as well.  I only need 10 1/2" x 2 1/2" (maybe just 2") strips for between the blocks with four patches where the sashing intersects.  At least this is the design in mind at the moment.  Perhaps this will change, but for now this is where the designing will start.

Many of you know that two kittens are soon to be mine.  Abyssinians are the breed of choice as were Kaos and Komotion (KoKo).  Once you own an Aby you too may be set on having a repeat.  Kaos and Komotion are at the Rainbow Bridge now and our home is so empty without them.  Kosmo and Katastrophy (Kassy) are eight weeks today.  We will be able to bring them home at 12 weeks...but in the meantime pictures are being sent to us.  I have my introductory visit arranged for Saturday.  Our home will soon hear the romping and meows of these two.  I am not sure who is in this most recent photo, but how could you not love this one?

KitNipBox subscription has been established and the first box came today.  Would you ever have thought that a company makes Purrgundy Wine for cats?  (Non-alcoholic catnip infused salmon oil.)

Until next time, hope you have a purrfect week =^.^=


Janet O. said...

Sounds like you had quite the weekend on the town!
And it appears that you are all set for your new arrivals. I don't know much about this breed. What makes them especially desirable?

Nancy J said...

And once Kosmo and Kassy arrive, what time will you have left for quilting, let alone much else? They look adorable.

Lynette said...

Oh my gosh!!! Those babies are so amazingly pretty and adorable! :D

Betty said...

Can't wait to see the blue binding on Kompass, seen this quilt when I visited my daughter and it is awesome. You all will love it. Calm down my dear, you have to wait a little longer for your family, the time will go by very fast and then you will have another set of babies to play with. You stated that it was a first with chicken and waffles, what did they taste like? reorder or never again?????