Friday, March 11, 2016

Which layout of Kaffe Kisses do you like best?  I'm struggling...
Kaffe Kisses
Layout 1
Kaffe Kisses
Layout 2
I am anxious to have Kaffe Kisses off the design wall so Kalvert Kliffs can take its place.  I have all the dark fabrics selected and first cuts made.  The first cut was ~5 1/2" by 11 1/2" just in case the selvage was in the length.  The final measurement will be a pair of 5" squares.
Kalvert Kliffs
Last 11 Darks
Kalvert Kliffs
Next to cut are the neutrals.  I have all the fabrics pulled and ready for their first cuts.
Kalvert Kliffs
I hope to have something done during my long weekend to share on Monday when I link up with Patchwork Times.

You know how excited we get when the postal person brings us a package that is unexpected?  Well I got an awesome one today from my friend Janet.  She gifted me a mini that she made from a bunch of HSTs that I gifted her not too long ago.  Thank you so very much for having me in mind.  I already have it on display in my sewing room so that I can gaze at it often.  You certainly made my day a happy one =^.^=


Nancy J said...

Layout #2 by a ""Kountry Mile!!""" I like symmetry, so this is my pick.The next lot of fabrics look great.

Janet O. said...

Hmmm, I will have to be obstinate. I think layout #1 has more sparkle to it. The more random color placement makes things pop and shine more, IMHO. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with layout #2--I just prefer #1. : )
Glad the little quilt arrived safely. It couldn't have a better home!

Debra Broyles said...

I think layout #1. it makes your eyes move around the quilt.

Betty said...

I pick layout #1, can't look at it too long, get dizzy, lol just kidding. How lovely for Janet to send you that beautiful quilt. I seen it on her blog and even made a comment on it. Never met Janet, but feel like I have known her for many years, she is a special lady. You still have many to finish, it will keep you busy.

Joy D said...

Mmmm...I see your delimna!! I do like the continuity of #2, but I think I like #1 more. It just seems to have more of the variety that Kaffe is known for. The mini is so cute and colorful!

Debbie said...

Layout 1 definitely.

Kerry's Quilting said...

I agree, layout 1 looks the best. What a cute little mini that Janet sent you!