Design Wall Monday, March 28, 2016

Did you locate all the eggs?  Did you find the golden egg?  Yes, I suppose these are questions for the children in our lives...  Did you have an Easter egg hunt at your house?  We enjoyed dinner with family and I didn't have to cook more than one scrumptious apple pie!

Kalvert Kliffs
I have my March UFO up on the design wall.  The units are still in pieces, but I'm pretty certain this will be the layout for Kalvert Kliffs.  The pieced border is still yet to stitch.  I should get some good time in tonight.
Kaffe Kisses
Binding Options
I showed you Kaffe Kisses completion yesterday, but I would like to hear opinions on a binding.  I once thought a diagonal would be a good choice, but now with all the wildness perhaps the solid green is better?

See more projects through the links at Patchwork Times.  Enjoy the last few days of March.


Janet O. said...

Kalvert Kliffs is very appealing in those deep colors.
Personally, I'd bind with the solid on this one, but I'm sure there are others who will prefer the wild and funky. Different strokes, you know. : )

Betty said...

I too like the solid green for your binding. The other is just too much with all the activity in the Kafee Kisses. I knew you would get that UFO done.

Jennifer said...

I like both the borders - would be interested to see how it would look with a green flange, then the wild border. Hope you get lots of stitching time this week!

Joy D said...

I agree with Jennifer. I think a thin green flange and then the chevron as binding would be interesting. I've never bound with a chevron. Would you do that one straight or bias binding? Hmmm...