Sunday Stash Report, December 28, 2014

A quilty gift from Janet at  Isn't it adorable?  Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.  I just love it.
I have been making loads of progress catching up with Bonnie's mystery, my Kadabra =^.^=  Part 1 is above and complete.  Part 2 below is in process.  I have only to put the pink triangle on about two thirds of the pieces before I begin sewing two together to come up with the double diamond unit.
Part 3 below is complete.  I thought I was done at one point only to count and realize there were twenty more to assemble.
Part 4 below is pretty far along too.  You can see the broken dish units need only to be assembled.
Part 5 hasn't yet been cut but as Bonnie says it's an easy week!  I think I just may be up-to-date at the conclusion of this day.

Nothing to change my stats this last report for the year.  I'm pretty happy how it has ended up and look forward to continuing.  Judy says it's on for her...a clean report will start on January 4, 2015.

Used this week:  8.5 yards
Used YTD: 234.25 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD: 170 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2014:  64.25 yards


Jennifer said...

Fantastic usage for the year - I have enjoyed watching your projects come together!

Janet O. said...

Do you notice a sizable reduction in your stash?
Glad you like the ornament from your bonus triangles. : )

Dee Dee said...

Love the colors for your mystery quilt - glad you are having fun making it.
Hope your new year is full of happy memories.

Betty said...

Really cute ornament from Janet O. So nice to have a friend that compliments your progress and you can share quilting together.