2014 At A Glance, December 31, 2014

Projects coming out of my sewing room this year numbered 25.  Kerry's Quilting spent lots of time dwindling down my quilting queue throughout the year.  There are a few in deep sleep that will find their way quilted during the first few months of the coming year.
2011 UFO
Continuing the trend of using the fabric I have, nearly 250 yards of cotton have been sewn into some wonderful quilts.  Being the scrappy quilter that I am, most of my projects can be made with my fabric stash...it is the backs that get me buying!  Not that that's the only reason to purchase fabric =^.^=  Another year finished with UFO challenges at www.52quilts.com.  I over committed myself with one project getting done in a month.  Koncentric Konnection was a bit more like two months and a day to complete which meant I missed the November parade.  Okay, I'll have two for December's parade.  Check it out on New Year's Day.
Koncentric Konnection
2014 UFO
You can see my 12 HERE, all of them done!  This year marked the second year where all my projects were from designs collected over the years and finally setting a date to make them.  It is funny seeing how much my tastes have changed.  Some of these designs were added to my "want to make" list several years ago.  My list for 2015 is already created and it's turning out to be a year of Bonnie Hunter. Some newer designs as well as from that "want to make" list.  Take a glimpse at next year's projects HERE.

Workshops this year had me making all kinds of projects with several different techniques.  Two are part of my 2015 projects for next year, one was gifted, and one is in line for quilting.
Kooter Klan
The San Diego Humane Society and several other charities received quilt donations.  There is always a reason to make a quilt!

Kadence2014 UFO
Veterans Home Southern Maryland
Part 5 of Bonnie Hunter's 2014 Winter Mystery is where I am today with Kadabra!  I've managed to catch up with the all the parts over the weekend.  The next and might be final Part 6 is scheduled for release on Friday.  I'm betting she gives it to us a bit earlier...
Part 5
2015 UFO

Eight quilts were displayed at the San Diego Quilt Show and four were entered at the 2015 Road to California Quilter's Conference and Showcase.  Once more I am honored to be accepted to the jurried show that takes place in January with Kookaburra.  Your well wishes had me achieve a 2nd place win in its category with Kartwheels...keep up the well wishes for the next 30 days with Kookaburra.
2011 UFO
2nd Place Traditional Wall Pieced
2014 Road to California Quilter's Conference and Showcase
2013 UFO
2015 Road to California Quilter's Conference and Showcase
I'm not sure which "K" name in 2014 takes the prize.  Kilowatts, Kwiver, or Krackerjack come to mind, but I will let you be the judge.  My parade of finishes in 2014 insues...

Kilowatts, 1/14 (Commissioned)
Kaptain Khorous, 2/14 (2014 UFO, Gift)
Denim, 2/14 (Gift)
Korral, 2/14 (2013 UFO)
Kwetzalcoatl, 3/14 (2014 UFO, Gift)
Kookaburra, 3/14 (2013 UFO)
Kwiver, 3/14
Keltic Krest, 4/14 (2014 UFO)
Kottontails, 4/14
Krazy Krones, 5/14
Konqueror, 5/14 (2014 UFO)
Kontemplate, 6/14 (Challenge)
Kranberries, 7/14 (2014 UFO)
Cat and Mouse Games, 8/14 (Donation)
Krackerjack, 8/14
Krossfire, 8/14 (2011 UFO)
Kings, 9/14 (2014 UFO)
Kootenay Kabins, 9/14
Krazy Krones 2, 9/14 (Gift)
Krazy Kattle 2, 9/14 (Gift)
Kushona, 10/14 (Sold)
Kolumbia, 10/14 (2014 UFO)
Kaktus, 10/14 (2012 UFO)
Kadance, 10/14 (2014 UFO, Donation)
Koliding Krosses, 11/14 (2014 UFO)
Konstituent, 11/14 (2014 UFO)

This year has me closing with Kadabra in full swing and Krossings waiting for a trip to Kerry's Quilting.  Kurry has been started, a long overdue 2011 UFO...don't give me a hard time this one is a doozy by Judy Neimeyer.  I continue to enjoy the friends new and forever that this blog has brought together for me and hope that I hear from you in 2015.


Betty said...

what a fabulous blog. Your blog was so interesting. Hard to believe that you could finish so many quilts and all of them being so great. One can diffidently tell that quilting is your biggest love. Love them all and yes, good luck to your entered quilt in the Road to California Quilt Show.

Jennifer said...

What a great year you've had! Look forward to seeing your work in 2015!

LynCC said...

Such a nice post :D I love your quilts, and you had a marvelous year.