Design Wall Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!  A true day of labor for my Grandma so many years ago.  Happy Labor Day to you all.

I've been busy getting ready for the San Diego Quilt Show turn in which is today.  I spent most of the week on the last two quilts that I have entered.  Koriander Kompass was earlier this week and Kartwheels had me busy the last two days.  Both are hot off the long arm at Kerry's Quilting.  Gorgeous are both of them with specially designed quilting patterns and a top notch execution.  Kalahari and Khambray are my two other entries this year.  Each one different colors and techniques along with designs by some of quilting's best.  If you are going to the show that starts Wednesday night be sure to look for them.  

I've been getting ready for two classes this week as well.  One is at the quilt show on Thursday with Joyce Weeks and the other at Bits and Pieces with Julanne Bergstrom on Saturday.  I've been showing the fabrics for Konqueror and If the Hat Fits in the past couple of posts.  Later this week I'll be showing my progress.  I've got another name challenge with If the Hat Fits; get your thinking caps on.  It is a Buggy Barn pattern with witches on broom sticks.  Krazy as part of the name would be fabulous.

For now though I've been back working on Wendy's L-Medallion project.  I have the middle and the setting of these blocks in work right now...starting with the pinwheels.

The other project started that needs to be finished in two weeks...EEK! just beginning.  First up is to transfer the pattern onto freezer paper.  There will be a stack of 12 fabrics put under this for cutting on the lines of the pattern.  Then there is the crazy Buggy Barn shuffle next.  The designs are a blast.  I've got a named selected for this one, Kounting Kandles.

Marti just let us know what UFO to work on for September in our 2013 UFO challenge.  It is #6.  I'm anxious to get busy on this one.  It's paper pieced.  The design is called Jeweled Forest.  I'll be calling my version Kamp Kastles.

If you have time today sit back and relax with some wonderful projects through the many links at Patchwork Times.


Janet O. said...

Your "Design Wall" is always packed!! Never a dull moment here.
Okay, name ideas--Krazy Krones, A Koven of Krazies. Konjuror's Kapers, or any combination of the above. : )

Betty said...

Janet O really has some great "K" words. I think the kandle kake will be a great one. Going to go to your website to see if you have photos of the quilts you are putting in the show. Wishing you good luck on your entrees. Enjoy the show, love you.

Norece said...

How about Krazy Kackles - kacklers maybe Koven of Kackles - kacklers - Kackling Kousins - fun fun at your classes.