Sunday Stash Report, September 22, 2013

This week the sale fabrics from Fat Quarters Shop arrived.  All five fabrics are Buggy Barns designs by Moda.  How could I resist $7.53 a yard?  Kerry and I split the 1 yard minimum along with the shipping costs.  I'll be looking for future purchases of this kind from them.

I have been working on several projects, but none have fabrics to count as used.  I'm pretty close to having Deck-ade the Halls done along with my September 2013 UFO Challenge.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  286 yards
Purchased this week:  2.5 yards
Purchased YTD:  91.75 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2013:  194.25

There are 12 participants in a swap I'm coordinating.  Quantities are geared towards making Bonnie Hunter's Talkin' Turkey! design.  In the coming months you'll see more on this swap.  Instructions and timelines were just sent out this week.  To help better explain the cutting if you decide on the 11" red string block cutting I've taken some pictures.  Also see in the last picture the Nine-Patch color arrangement as well as what pieces are to be put into individual kits.
Assemble a slightly larger 11" red string block.  Use your square to trim it to 11"
Cut it in to two halves
Cut the halves in half
End result four 5 1/2" blocks
Divide the 5 1/2" blocks and Nine-Patch blocks into kits for each participant in the swap.


Beth in MN said...

I like your idea for sewing and cutting the red string blocks. I also plan to make the "Talkin Turkey" quilt.

Dar said...

Great way to get those 5 1/2" string blocks. I'd like to do it, but right now I'm still not finished with Easy Street.

Betty said...

Very striking photos, love the red. I have a whole lot of reds to choose from waiting for you. It will be soon....

Betty said...
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Collette McManus said...

Tell your Mom HI for all of ud SD swappers. We will catch her on the next swap. Enjoy your visit!