Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I don't know where Bonnie Hunter comes up with artwork she attaches to her posts, but I'm excited to share them.  I have been asked in the past "do you wind only one bobbin when you need one at a time or several?"  I usually do several unless of course it is a thread color I don't often use.  Speaking of thread time for me to pick up some more Natural Star spools.  I just can't seem to keep enough of this thread on hand! 

I took time away from my sewing room on Monday to watch Killing Lincoln which was aired on the History Channel recently.  (DH always records programs and watches them sometime later so he can fast forward through the commercials.)  The format wasn't exactly as I expected although Tom Hanks did a great job narrating.  Much of the events during that time took place in the area where my parents live now; so I was pretty familiar with many of the places mentioned.  If you have the opportunity to watch it there are lots of details I found interesting.

Here is where I stand today with Khambray.  I've not started putting the blocks together because I want to make sure I have the best variety in each.  I'm still sewing the first units together.  I am thinking by Friday I should be sewing the 30 blocks together.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Betty said...

Yes indeed, I like Khambray,I like the pineapple type patterns, so smart looking. Funny that you coppied the Bonnie Hunte artwork. I too coppied that for my next blog. Does that tell you something? LOL

Janet O. said...

I do as you do with bobbins--wind several, unless it is a color I only need for a minute. : )
Khambray is going to be stunning--and I can tell it will be stunning very soon. Grass never grows under your feet!