Design Wall Monday, March 18 2013

I spent much of the day on Sunday binding.  I finished No Klucks Here Either! right around 3pm.  Took time out for a trip to Fresh and Easy for our Irish meal of corn beef and cabbage.  While the corn beef was cooking I pulled out the first two blocks of Kommon Kongregation and put it up on my design wall.

These two were made during the workshop earlier in the year with Marti Michell.  It is her design called Seven Sisters Simplified.  Next I paired up the background and star fabrics that best complemented each other.  My project will use a range of reproduction fabrics in various colors.  All will have a common gray background.  Let me say that I chose another difficult color in this gray.  I'm not sure I'll be able to find enough different fabrics in it as I had hoped. 

I honestly had to get myself into the Marti thinking...  Using her templates makes the project easy, but figuring out which way they go and what line to cut on was a bit of a challenge at first.  Maybe I was scanning the pattern a bit to quick.  Anyway I have it now!  Two blocks worth were cut out.

 After dinner and kitchen clean up.  It was back to the sewing room.  Now there are four with 13 more to go.  I plan on a solid gray for the large triangles that sash the blocks together.

The fifth block will be teal.  I have enough variations to make 11 blocks so I'll be looking for two more of each background and star.  I will also be keeping my eyes open for that solid gray.

See other projects today through the links at Patchwork Times.  Have a great second half of March.  Hope you were lucky yesterday.


Janet O. said...

It must be satisfying to get so much done--a feeling I will never know! : )
This block does not look simple, but maybe it is easier than usual. I have seen quilts made in this design, and always admired them, but never thought of attempting one. Your blocks look wonderful!

LynCC said...

:D I really love your quilt! Very fun and smile-producing.

Betty said...

That is a great pattern, but paper piecing is not my thing. I will check to see if I have any greys.

Chris said...

Great blocks. I do not care to paper piece but sometimes it is worth it for a great design.

Gari in AL said...

Love, love your "no clucks" quilt. Because my mother collects all things chicken, I am drawn to chicken quilts.