Friday, March 15, 2013

Time to assemble!  I can see that used fabrics stat changing on Sunday!  I've finished all the units now.  Taken the time this morning to mix up the blocks nicely.  Now it's time to sew the blocks together and put the borders on.

I've got three small quilts completely done.  Kerry quilted them up for me last week.  First up is Koppice that was a 2012 UFO completed on time but hadn't been quilted.  I thought about trying to quilt it myself, but why when Kerry's Quilting does such a fantastic job.  Koppice is from a pattern I picked up at Temecula Quilt Co in Temecula, CA.  It's from A Collection of Small Red and White Quilts.

Koppice, 12 1/2" x 12 1/2"
Next Kadette was completed.  Natural thread was used and the pattern changed for each block, but they were all on the same batting and back making the quilting just a bit quicker.  Kadette was a 2013 UFO.  Its from a pattern called United We Stand by Mary Herschleb Designs.  I enjoyed the tiny paper pieced pieces.  There will be another one to make in the future as promised.
Kadette, 13 1/2" x 13 1/2"
Last but not least, a Christmas Gift for someone special made well ahead of time.  I've got three others in different colors done ready for Kerry's Quilting.  The pattern is by Quilt-Pro Systems.  It was their Block of The Day on December 5, 2012.  It was designed as a paper pieced 4" square pattern that I enlarged.  It should make a nice decoration for a small space.
Ornament 1, 13 1/2" x 13 1/2"
I've got three other larger projects in the binding queue.  You'll be seeing No Klucks Here Either!, Kooky Kins, and Krabapple in the next few days.  Kerry's also suggested that the next three ornament blocks can be done tomorrow while we are sewing together for the day.

I'm off to Bits and Pieces where they are holding the newest Buggy Barn book for me.  They ordered six and got them in just yesterday...all are already spoken for!  I'll be needing mine for a workshop I'll be taking on May 4th.  We'll be doing When the Cows Come Home which is the feature design in the new book.

Have a wonderful day today!


Janet O. said...

Khambray is just gorgeous! And those are great little finishes, too. : )

Betty said...

Great job, love all the small quilts as well.