Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kommon Kongregation

Here's where I am today.  I'm not sure that I like the full block on the fourth row from the right.  The star fabrics are much lighter than others.  Also the background seems not to work with the other backgrounds as well as the rest of the group.  I could easily cut it in half and make it work for one of the half blocks.  The jury is still out on this block being used at all.

These are the four backgrounds from my Mom that arrived yesterday.  You'll notice that the second from the right is the background fabric that is in question.  I have already used two of the others for half blocks.  The background on the top is in wait for the eggplant purples that I'm waiting on from Aunt Marti.

I decided to make another full block just in the jury says to remove the block completely.  Since I don't know whether I'll use it as a full or half...a full is going to be assembled.  This turquoise is a different color than I've used so far.  It seems to fit in fine.  I'll have this assembled today and solicit opinions on Design Wall Monday.

In the mean time I have three small quilts to get binding on and sewn down.  Krabapple is waiting its time for finishing the binding.  Labels need to be made for a bunch of them.  Never nothing it do in my sewing room.  Happy Saturday!

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Janet O. said...

If that is the only block with that background, I'd maybe use it as half blocks. But maybe you and I both over think things. : )