Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Get ready...get set...get retreat ready!

Tuesday night was the evening for Kurly Kues.  I have a 108 of these done, but I need a bunch more, 148 to be exact.  This was a project started in 2011...intended as a leader and ender...and a challenge with Bonnie Hunter.  The challenge was to guess how many Bonnie would have done in a year.  I think someone actually guessed exactly.  If you've been on her blog you will remember the cute bowtie pattern.  It is a little block only 3.5" unfinished.  I never much liked bowtie projects, but making the blocks smaller got me motivated!  I leader and ender on each of the projects I work on so bringing in a second project doesn't work for me.  Instead I cut the pieces when I have the right stash then sew up everything I have at the time.  Wait until I have a bunch more to work on and repeat.  Since I want to get the project done I'll cut a little bit of each of the blues and cheddars to finish the project.  My project should end up 48" x 48".  This cheddar fabric I got in the Sale Room at Rosie's should handle the back...if not I'll add some blue.  After all it is a project that's meant to use stash!

This instructions for this cute bowtie pattern can be found on Bonnie's Quiltville website under Free Patterns! called Cheddar Bow-Ties.

Later this evening I'll be getting Krayons in order.


betty said...

Looks like you are at it again. All those little pieces. I have no idea what you would work on if you couldn't quilt. The Bow Tie quilt is darling.

Quiltdolls said...

sandy, i loved your bow ties so much that today while at the country loft bought some jo morton cheddar. the quilt just spoke to me. I was at the guild mtg this year when you spoke & you are a great speaker. loved your quilts in the sdqs. kim