Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Get ready...get set...get retreat ready!

Monday evening I busied myself with cutting pieces for Krabapple.  I want to sew at the retreat this weekend not cut pieces or realize I didn't bring what I need to work on a project.  Sunday I pulled fabrics for the setting triangles, sashing, background for the trees, the trees, and the tree trunks.  I'll be using a green for my setting triangles.  I purchased this fabric when Amidon's was at their peak in discounting fabrics just before they closed their shop.  Some time back I purchased a red fabric and a cheddar with a red design that will be used for the sashing.  From my stash comes the trees and their backgrounds.  Going for variety for each of these.  I have a pretty good selection of brownish greens that go well with the setting triangle green.  I'll be going with just one dark brown for the tree trunks.

I'll figure out the borders once the middle is assembled.  This pattern is Crabapple by Bonnie Hunter which can be found in her third book Adventures With Leaders and Enders

Tonight I'll get Kurly Kues together.

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