Design Wall Monday, May 14, 2012

I've been able to get a bunch of the blocks almost together.  I've got the three sections it takes to make one together for all but eight blocks.  Next comes green thread to put the stems together and stitch them down to the middle.  Final step is to put the three sections together.  These should get done early this week.

I've got three more flower blocks ready to cut and then I'll be back to stash hunting for the remaining five flowers.  Think I'll try to find something orange or yellow for the flower and perhaps a darker color for the center of the flower.  The leaves are already decided with many of the units already cut.

These are the only three that are finished.  Before I cut any more into the background I need to cut the setting triangles and the corners.  Those big pieces can get you if you don't take care of them soon on into the cutting.  Kamile is going to be one fine quilt!


Knickels remains unchanged since the workshop on Wednesday.  Kamile needs attention now in order to have it done before May is done.

Here's where I stand with the Quilt Square Quilt Along Blocks.  The fifth block is determined and will be assembled after Kamile.  It too must finish before May is done.

I've got my sewing project set for May...what do you have fun going on in your sewing room?  See other projects on Patchwork Times.  Have a wonderful week ahead.


Janet O. said...

Sandi, I love every one of your projects! They are all gorgeous and you can will them to me. : )

Quilter Kathy said...

Me them all! Great quilt along blocks!

Vicki said...

So pretty, the flowers are really unique and make a lovely quilt. I am quite taken with your quilt along blocks, they look pretty small!

betty said...

Your flower blocks look great, it is a lovely pattern, you just keep moving long. Good Job

shannon said...

i like the Knickles beginning- will be watching to see it's progress!

(found you through design wall monday link)

Kate said...

Beautiful projects. Love the colors you are using in your flower blocks. Good luck with all your May deadlines.