Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thought I'd share a couple of pictures of my newest project Knickels.  Sunshine Quilt Guild brought Pat Speth in from the windy cities this month. I'd taken a workshop with her several years ago and knew I wouldn't miss her lecture and the workshop that was yesterday.  Pat's niche is using 5" squares or what she's coined as Nickels.  I've heard her referred to as "The Nickel Lady"!  She has four books all available right now with patterns and border options almost too many to count.  Her most recent book is all about borders.

My project is her design Dawn to Dusk from her second book.  I'm stash busting again using only from kwiltnkats quilt shop!  I decided to use up some blacks and tans for Knickels.  At the workshop which was held at Memory Lane in El Cajon I was able to get done with 20 blocks before packing it up for home.  After getting home I had another 16 all ready for guess what I did?  I'll be making a total of 80 blocks (can you find a single block?).  I'm finished with 36 right now.  It won't be long until I'm back at this project, but the two May UFOs need my attention if I'm to get them done on schedule.
By the way if you are in or going to visit San Diego this weekend Memory Lane is having "The Nickel Lady" do two workshops this weekend at their shop in El Cajon.  The workshops are both different and are on Saturday and Sunday.  Not sure about openings for Saturday, but Sunday has some if you want something to do...perhaps with your Mom for Mother's Day.

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Janet O. said...

Always something fun going on here, Sandi. I have one of Pat's books, but haven't tried any of the quilts yet. I like what you are doing here. My kind of colors!