Friday, May 18, 2012

Kamile is coming along...slow, but consistent.  I've got 20 done, eight more matched to fabrics and partially cut.  Three more yet to be figured out.  I'm thinking this project needs a little more yellow or bright orange.  I've got one flower planned in these colors as you can see from the photo below.  Nothing else in either mine or Kerry's stash to get...looks like an Amidon or Memory Lane run is in the making.  I'll be cutting the setting triangles next to make sure those big pieces don't come back to bite me!  The background fabric was purchased early last year, from Cozy's I believe.  I don't even want to think about the need to find more.

This afternoon I will be picking up a quilt that Kerry finished quilting for me.  It's my Katnip Krazy that is a Buggy Barn pattern called Crazy Cats.  Come back soon to see it...I'm quite anxious to see how the tails on the mice in the border turned out.  Oh, if you go to the Buggy Barn website you won't find the adorable mice borders.  The border came from a class with Julanne Bergstrom (designed by her) that was at Amidon late last year.


Janet O. said...

Kamille is gorgeous! Yes, more yellow or orange would make it sparkle. Love it, Sandi!

betty said...

Love this pattern, but so many pieces lol.