Design Wall Monday, May 21, 2012

Here's how I started off the week, busy with Kamile.  These are the last 11 blocks to put together.  All the HSTs are sewn and pressed ready for trimming up with my Bloc-Loc ruler.

All trimmed up and ready to assemble.  There are three parts to piece; then its sewing the stem in place and finally putting all three pieces together.  These are some labor intensive blocks!  I've got the first of the 11 into three parts; 10 more to go!

This is the middle and bottom pieces ready to assemble.  The flower pieces is on the pattern just to the left.  This one is green and red with a red center. 

These are the fabrics used in all 31 fabrics.  I didn't repeat anything!  Back in my stash they go for the next project.

These are the fabrics I'll be using for the setting.  More of the same background and the rust color adds a bit of interest.

The sashing will look like this.  I'm getting closer all the time.  I'd say all is looking good for finishing Kamile on time by the last day of May!

Here's Katnip Krazy...well a little peek!  Binding, sleeve, and label are all that are needed to finish this one up.  Kerry did a great job on this one.  Come back again to see it!  Look for more wonderful projects going on via Patchwork Times.


Janet O. said...

Kamille looks very labor intensive, as you said. That is why it amazes me how far you have come on it! Another gorgeous quilt about to come together--you just keep producing one winner after another!

marcella said...

Wow, you are making great progress on those blocks! Can't wait to see them with that sashing. It's amazing how different a quilt looks through all it's stages.

Mary said...

Haven't seen the Block Loc ruler...I think I might have to "need" that one. The thumbnail made me come and look. Are they Basket Blocks?

Jennifer said...

Great progress! I bet it will be a top next time we see it,

Gari said...

Wow, so many pieces. I would never have them all together by the end of the month. So I am looking forward to seeing how they look, all together.