Sunday Stash Report, August 21, 2011

I've been busy this week!  Friday was my OFF sewing studio was my haven for most of the day...YIPPEE.  I worked on Bonnie Hunter's Jamestown Landing which is still at the cutting stage, getting the binding sewn on to Komfort Kove to be ready for hand sewing during today's Charger's game, and finishing Kalm.  I also hand sewed in place two labels on Koasting and Komfort Kove.  I'll be helping my Mom with a label later today for one of her quilts.

Kerry and I are working on the September/October Bimonthly Opportunity Quilt for Sunshine Quilt Guild that is our contribution for this membership's year of fundraising efforts.  We are making Buggy Barn's Crazy Jacks.  Kerry will be sewing the candy corn border and I will sew the pumpkins.  I had three of the nine "Jacks" (pumpkins) already sewn before I started on Saturday; now all nine are done and ready to be squared up.  Kerry will be working on the candy corn during the week.

Speaking of squaring up.  Have you seen the Bloc Loc square up rulers?  The company makes them for HSTs and flying geese.  I listened to the excitement at Amidon's about them, watched the video...and decided I must have the HST rulers.  I purchased the set of three that included 2.5", 4.5", and 6.5".  I'll be purchasing the 3.5" when I can find it sold individually.  It comes in other sizes that include 1.5", 5.5", 9.5" and 12.5" I believe.  I'd like to check out the flying geese square up ruler too.  It could be as functional as the HST square ups are to me.

For this week I have the fabric used to make Kalm to claim.  Almost all of it from my stash.  I did purchase two pieces to fill in, but they didn't collect any wrinkles in my storage bins!

Used this week: 9 yards
Used YTD: 181.75 yards
Purchased this week: 0 yards
Purchased YTD: 94.25 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2011: 87.5 yards

I did purchase the Bloc Loc HST square up rulers...but we aren't counting gizmos...and I'm not going to start!

How did you do this week?


Cathy said...

Love your quilt. It is very striking. Hugs

Jo said...

I am loving my Jamestown Landing...If I could just get a little more times at the machine, I would be loving it even more. The garden is taking me away from sewing now. Hopefully another week of the garden and things will slow down and I'll be back at it.

Janet O. said...

I like the graphic contrast of the circles and squares in this pattern. Good job.