Friday, August 12, 2011

I participated in a workshop last of those unexpected ones (wink)...that was real fun.  In the past several years I've purchased three different Buggy Barn patterns.  Crazy Dog Days, That Crazy Thing We Do, and Frightfully Crazy.  The designs are just too cute!  Last year I got the Frightfully Crazy Pattern Book and even started collecting some oranges for the nine pumpkins in the cover design. 

Needless to say the three patterns Crazy Jacks, Crazy Cats, and Crazy as a Bird Dog haven't made it to the top of my to do list...although they've been not too far from my thoughts.  Every time I visit Amidon Quiltworks their Buggy Barn Club speaks to me to join. 

Crazy Cats

Crazy as a Bird Dog

Crazy Jacks
I went to Amidon's on Monday and I kept on hearing "join me, join me" as I glanced at the information posted about it while having what I went there for cut.  The Club meets the first Thursday of the month and you work on any Buggy Barn pattern while being surrounded by other Buggy Barn enthusiasts.  I've been concerned about the commitment part of the Club, but know without a doubt I'd enjoy myself every time and I'd be getting the three projects done.  So I brought up my desires and of course was encouraged by the staff...then when they learned why I was reluctant (the commitment part) they said "well that design Crazy Cats is a two part workshop in September; very little commitment with that".  They were right and I signed up for the workshop.  Then while they still had my complete attention it was pointed out that behind me was another design also Buggy Barn (Crazy Jacks) with the class held on Thursday.  So I ended up enrolling  in both workshops!  What's great is the educated talent of Julanne Bergstrom who has some connections with the Buggy Barn Quilt Shop leading the way. 

We first prepared our fabrics with iron and starch.  Stacked our fabrics, ironed on our freezer paper template and began cutting out the pieces.  First with the frame parts (purple), then stack, iron freezer paper template pumpkin parts (orange), and finally stack, iron freezer paper template eyes, nose, and mouth (gold).  I had three Jacks assembled by the end of the four hour workshop.  

Julanne went over the Candy Corn border, but that is to be done after all the pumpkins are finished.  Since the Candy Corn assembly is a bit tricky those not familiar with Buggy Barn patterns were invited to come back to one of the "Club" evenings if we needed help.  I think I may have it figured out, but will work on it before September 1st to make sure I don't need more guidance.

So now there is a plan to get two of the three Buggy Barn projects complete.  Julanne says that the Crazy as a Bird Dog pattern is a workshop she'll be doing in 2012.  Of course that means I'll be signing up!

Best of all making Crazy Jacks used my stash all except one purple FQ (Buggy Barn Patterns are designed for FQs).  Just love to use up that stash!

Tomorrow I'll be busy with Kerry finishing the San Diego Humane Society's 25th Annual Fur Ball Fundraiser quilt "Dancing with the Dogs".  You remember the one with Snoopy Dancing.  Pictures on Sunday! 

By the way, I've added to my Birthday/Christmas Wish List Celebrated Craziness Book Patterns found on the Buggy Barn website for $24.00.  I'm interested in making the Today is your Birthday project.


Marj said...

I have the fat quarters collected for the Crazy Cats. Just have to get it to the top of my list. The idea of a group that meets once a month sounds like a great way to get the quilts going.

JCnNC said...

I loved the "one" and only time I did a Buggy Barn pattern which was angels and donated to the quilt pink campaign. It would be wonderful to have a workshop locally - and once a month would work for me. Lot of progress for your short time there. Judy C

Jennifer Schifano Eutsler said...

The Buggy Barn group sounds like a lot of fun. I just love the Crazy Cats pattern. The cats are so cute. They remind me of all the crazy cats I've had (and still have) over the years. Thanks for sharing!

Have a super day!

Jennifer Schifano Eutsler

Kathie said...

Love the cats one, how cute.

betty said...

The Crazy Cat pattern is right up your alley. As much as you enjoy your two cats, you should really be up to this one. Look forward to seeing all of them done.

sfoakley said...

Love the Crazy Cat quilt - don't you want to sell that book to me?