Design Wall Monday, August 8, 2011

Not too much to show right now.  I'm at a stand still with Kalming :(!  I ran out of the light fabric to finish the top and bottom on Border #1.  Amidon Quiltworks where I purchased the fabric was closed this weekend.  They'll be back at 10am today...guess where I'll be going sometime today?

Here's what Kalming will look like when finished.  I like how the corner stones and the 4-patch carry out the center.  I think Kaos likes what she sees too!


LDJ said...

I love this quilt! Where can I find the pattern. I am participating in coffee filter swap where we made circles out of scraps; now the circles have to be used to create a quilt top and this would be perfect.

kwiltnkats said...

Not sure you can get the pattern, but try the information from a previous post on my blog. It was a class quilt project. Good luck.

Kathie said...

Nice quilt and cute kitty.