Design Wall Monday, March 9, 2020

2020 UFO
Two different angles to share of Kavort aka Frolic by Bonnie Hunter.  Everything is sewn excepts the vertical rows.  There was a lot of rearranging the blocks so far, but it looks from these photos that there might be more.  Not sure I like the three very similar ones in the right top quadrant playing together.  Maybe one of the darker ones needs to switch places.

Time for a change of scenery on my Design Wall!  =^.^=


Janet O. said...

I am going through the "am I finished swapping blocks around?" on my design wall with my flower garden quilt. I have finally decided I am done. Once it is on a bed I don't think what bothers me now will really be apparent.
Once you mentioned where they were, I could pick out the blocks you referenced, but when I just looked at the quilt overall--before reading the specifics of where the blocks were, it looked great to me. :)

kwiltnkats said...

Janet - I think you are right. All the consternation over naught :)

Betty said...

Looking good, large quilt, lot going on, on this one. Very nice

Jennifer said...

Great colors and from the picture, I think it looks well balanced.