Design Wall Monday, March 23, 2020

The Live broadcast schedule of the Quarantine Quilt Along at GE Designs with Gudrun Erla was lots of fun.  On average there were 1.7K viewers from all points around the globe.  Amazing what technologies we have these days.  There promises to be more to keep us busy from her site during these times of quarantine while this dreadful virus gets thwarted.  The FREE pattern is available on her site for download.  I am not certain how much longer it will be available for FREE.  So let me show you the fruits of my day's labor.
Block A
Block B
My Design Wall layout of QQAA Elvira!  

You can just see Kavort poking out from behind (yes she's still waiting for me...)

The Elvira project was so easy and came together quite quickly.  It presents itself well to focus on large prints.  So if you have a chance pick up the pattern and pull out all those fabrics that you've been holding on too.  You shouldn't be out and about right now so clear out your stash!

Take care everyone =^.^=


Betty said...

Very. Ice and the colors are great. Nothing in ones life to donate a quilt to a needed organization. Good job San said...

Good job San