Design Wall Monday, March 16, 2020

Today I had an appointment to have my hair styled.  Kaityln was under the weather last Wednesday when I was originally planned to be beautified.  When today rolled around all kinds of virus affect came into play.  At this point many didn't want to venture out unless necessary.  My company was in full swing to have us get ready to work from home.  Needless to say...Monday's styling was cancelled.  By this time I'm at least a week out from the miracles that happen with our hairdressers.  Oh I hope I can get in to see Kaityln soon.
This weeks trip to Virginia for the Baby Shower honoring my niece and her first born was cancelled too.  Just a bit to risky to travel.  The event is still going to take place so hopefully a bit of magic can be figured out to make it virtual.  Lots of family was to travel for this shower...too bad so many would have been there, but had to back out.  I'll post some photos if a virtual shower happens.  I sure wanted to be there as a surprise.

So quilting with all that's been going on hasn't been happening too much.  I worked on my Sunshine UFO #1 and have it nearly complete.  I'm experimenting with the quilting; a bit of free hand stars.  I'm very apprehensive and a also excited if I can pull it off.

Take care everyone =^.^=

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Janet O. said...

It is tricky to navigate all the needs and wants with the virus precautions we need to take. I am canceling my Mom's hair appointment this week, too. Even though her beautician's studio is in her home, it is a risk we don't want to take with our 90-year-old mother, and also the chance that she could take something back with her to my brother's home where she lives. His wife is over 60 and immune compromised.
I wish you well with your experimenting. :)