Design Wall Monday, April 1, 2019

Done with another 2018 UFO.  Rebecca's Needles by Pam Buda above that I'm calling Kika finished at 39 x 39.  Now I need to rummage through my stash for a back.  The binding will be the darkest red fabric that is in the top.  I thought if I couldn't find something appropriate that I would take advantage of the terrific sale at Paradise Sewing that is this weekend.  A FABRIC BLOW OUT!  I might still have to do it =^.^=

Next one up is one called Klover.  More on Clover in my next post.  Happy Prankster's Day as the younger folks are calling what I always grew up knowing to be Happy Fool's Day!


Janet O. said...

Beautiful! It is a lovely red/white piece. Nice job!

Betty said...

Completed prefectly. Very nice, love the colors