Design Wall Monday, July 2, 2018

These are all partial photos of Kandiyohi.  A big one it is; finishing at 90" x 104".  If I hadn't run out of the brown fabric used in the border, I'd probably have put another 2 1/2" finished border on the outside.  As it stands now it is big enough and the brown fabric I shared  yesterday will be good for the binding.

Next up is Snowballs and Stars.  I mentioned yesterday that a name hasn't been determined for this one yet.  I have one of the four paper pieced stars finished except for sewing the units together.  A second block (these finish at 12") is waiting for the last two pieces on all eight units.  Fabrics are figured out for the remaining two blocks and for good measure and well just because I want to see how all blocks work together a fifth block will be made.  One of the five will end up on the back.

I was in a generous mood this weekend.  I gifted three quilts.  The recipients were family and a close friend.  Krates, Komplete Komotion, and Kayenne have new homes.  Big smiles filled my heart.

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Janet O. said...

Kandiyohi is such eye candy! So beautiful!
Do you already have a quilt named Konstellation?
I'll bet there were some big smiles on the faces of the recipients of your quilts, Sandi!